The child

The child

Your baby is ready to be born but seems to content to stay in the belly. Baby is getting ready to be born into the world and putting on weight. It’s important that the mother-to-be feels the baby moving every day as is usual. If your baby’s movement pattern changes, speak with your health care provider. Trust your instincts.
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Most women have already given birth by now, either spontaneously or because labor was induced. If you are still pregnant, you have passed your estimated delivery date and are considered to be overdue.

Your baby is fully developed now, and most women decide to have an induction. This can be done in several ways. What determines which method is most suitable is how “ripe” your cervix is. A midwife or physician will make a pelvic exam to determine this.

Since you’ve given birth once already, it’s typically easier to induce labor. Your body remembers what it’s supposed to do. But it’s still a good idea to pack a healthy dose of patience, good movies, books, treats and music in the bag you bring to the birth center or hospital.

Good luck!

Always call your birth center or healthcare provider if:

  • Your baby is moving less or has stopped moving completely
  • You have three contractions in 10 minutes
  • Your water breaks
  • You are bleeding
  • You have strong, constant headaches
  • You are having symptoms or pain that you have not experienced before
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A good way to pass the time is to write a letter to your unborn baby about what kind of parent you’d like to be. Don’t forget to cheer yourself up before the birth. You’ll provide invaluable support just by being yourself and being there for your partner. Go you!

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