The child

The child

Nearly there now (everything is fully developed), and labor could begin at any time. A full-term pregnancy is best for both the mother-to-be and baby but occasionally it takes a bit longer. Hang in there! You’ll soon be meeting your baby for the very first time.
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Your estimated due date has come and gone. It’s normal and nothing to worry about. More than 93% of all pregnant women who’ve past week 39+6 (pregnancy week 40) gave birth before the end of week 41+6 (pregnancy week 42). It might help to remind yourself of this little fact. Every day that you go over time feels like an eternity.

If you need to be induced, it will be done at the birth center/hospital around week 41+0 – 42+0. This differs a little depending on your healthcare provider, and how you and your baby are feeling. If you reach week 42+0 your pregnancy is considered to be overdue and you have most likely been induced.

You might want to spend some time writing a letter to yourself and your baby. What do you think being a mother will be like? What expectations do you have? What apprehensions? Your letter to your baby can be about who you are, what you hope to be able to give your baby and what you look forward to discovering together. It’s your letter so the sky’s the limit.

If you’re struggling and having a tough time, try to imagine some milestones. For instance, the first time you hold your baby on your breasts, the first time you give your baby a bath, or your first walk with the carriage. Doing so usually helps. If you’ve enjoyed pregnancy, you may be feeling a little melancholy that it is coming to an end. If so, make the most of it.

Your healthcare provider is available to help you, so call if you’re worried and have questions, for example, whether labor has started.

Always call your birth center or healthcare provider if:

  • Your baby is moving less or has stopped moving completely
  • You have three contractions in 10 minutes
  • Your water breaks
  • You are bleeding
  • You have strong, constant headaches
  • You are having symptoms or pain that you have not experienced before
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Passing the estimated due date is both physically and mentally stressful, so be extra supportive and patient. Obviously, it’s hard on you too, so try to cheer each other up.

Your partner’s sleep is probably disturbed now that her pregnancy is coming to an end. Because it’s good to be as well rested as possible once the baby starts to come, make sure your partner rests during the day as well. Gently remind her, make sure she has plenty of opportunity to rest, and join her. You have an important part to play during the birth, and you will be needing your energy.

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