About us

What is Preglife? Preglife is a complete pregnancy app for pregnant women and new parents. The app is specifically designed to provide reliable information for those who want to feel increased security throughout the entire pregnancy and the initial stages of parenting. Preglife was developed on the initiative of Tobias Meschke, in consultation with prominent experts in Sweden and abroad.

What does Preglife do? The app provides you, whether you are pregnant or becoming a co-parent, the opportunity to easily and engagingly track the pregnancy and the baby's development week by week, establish early attachment, and be equipped for any potential challenges along the way. This is achieved through informative articles, illustrated videos, podcast episodes, preparatory exercises, and more.

At Preglife, we are passionate about sharing our broad experience and knowledge based on the latest research. Our primary focus is to create an inclusive platform that caters to all types of family constellations. Guided by our core principles of inclusivity, reliability, accessibility, and scientific accuracy, we strive to provide the bes conditions for individuals on their parenting journey.

Who does Preglife work with? We maintain strong collaborations with a global network of midwives operating in various markets, led by Åsa Holstein (licensed midwife). Additionally, we work closely with medical professionals and experts in relevant fields. This ensures that all the content featured in the app undergoes fact-checking to guarantee accuracy and reliability.

In line with our commitment to being research-based and medically grounded, we introduced our own Medical Board in 2023, consisting of:

Åsa Holstein, Licensed Midwife Anja Lundström, Licensed Midwife Maja Åström, Physiotherapist and Medical Yoga Therapist Elisabeth Hjärtmyr, Licensed Midwife and Lactation Specialist Charlotta Ersmark, Obstetrician and Gynecologist Erik Borgström, Licensed Pediatrician and Senior Consultant in Neonatology