What people frequently ask

I don’t receive an email when I click Reset my password.

The mail to reset your password can sometimes end up in your spam folder. Try to reset your password one more time and check your spam folder.

Why am I unable to share my account?

There could be three different reasons why you are unable to share your account. The first is that both must have an account in the app in order to share. If the person you want to share with does not have an account, this may be why it doesn’t work. If so, create an account and try again. The second is that you are already sharing your account with someone. You can only share your account with one person, so if you’re already sharing with someone, then this is why it doesn’t work. The third reason, and one that has been an issue for many Android users (if you or the other person has an Android device), is that there is a setting on your phone that has to be activated for “permission to share”. This means that for some users, the error message comes from their phone and not from us. You can change the permission to setting in your phone. If none of these explanations pertain to you, or if it still doesn’t work, please contact support and we’ll help you!

It turns out that I did not have an account in the app, and I’ve lost all my data. What can I do?

Have you switched phones? This is the most common scenario—you think you had an account on your old phone and when you switch to a new phone, the app is completely empty. If you still have your old phone, you need to create an account on your phone under Settings/Register. All data will then be transferred to the account and saved there instead of just locally on your phone. If none of the above applies to you, then hopefully you have a backup copy on your old phone linked to a computer (iTunes for an iPhone or in Google Play for Android). If so, you can download the backup copy and hopefully, the app will follow. This is why we recommend that you create an account under Settings/Create account.

How do I change the language of the app?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the change language function within different countries. If you want the app in English, use our International version. However, if you are a French-speaker living in Sweden, the only way to access a different language is to change the country of your app. Please note that offers and information about maternity care and clinic appointments are specific for that country. As long as you keep this in mind, the design of the app is the same, and what is happening to your body and your baby is the same.

How do I add a multiple pregnancy in the app?

Because the percentage of all pregnancies that are twin births is so low, we have not been able to dedicate resources to fully adapting the app to multiple pregnancies. Now this doesn’t mean we don’t feel this is important, and we know there is a huge interest among those of you expecting twins (or more) to be able to read about it in the app. It is something we will be taking into account in future development of the app!

Which week am I in?

In the world of medicine, your baby's development is described according to number of full weeks and days. According to the medical approach, i.e. your pregnancy is at week 9+3 if 9 full weeks and 3 days have passed since the first day of your last period.

How is my pregnancy calculated?

The length of pregnancy is calculated in slightly different ways depending on where in the world you live. For instance, some countries start counting pregnancy from week 0+1 and indicate 40+0 as the EDD (Estimated Due Date), while others specify the first day of pregnancy as 0+0 and the EDD as 39+6. We always try to adapt the settings so that they are correct for you, but there are sometimes local deviations when it comes to counting. This is why we allow you to update the length of pregnancy yourself so that the results are right for you. This is done under Settings > My pregnancy > Length of pregnancy.

I have a new estimated due date. How do I change it in the app?

If you have a new estimated due date, you can change this in Settings > My pregnancy > Estimated due date.

How do I delete an old, terminated pregnancy in the app?

It can be a bit tricky to do manually, but below is a guide that will hopefully take you through the steps as clearly as possible. Can you see that the terminated pregnancy is still there as an earlier pregnancy if you go to Settings > My pregnancy? If so, by terminating your current pregnancy you can reactivate the terminated pregnancy and then delete it. When you choose “Miscarriage/Terminated pregnancy”, you have two alternatives: to terminate it (which means that the data will still be saved) or to delete it (which means that all data together with the pregnancy will be deleted). Do as follows: 1. Go to Settings > My pregnancy 2. Terminate your current pregnancy (remember that it is important that you click “Terminate pregnancy”). 3. After clicking “Terminate pregnancy” for your current pregnancy, you will be able to activate your earlier pregnancy. 4. Choose to activate the earlier pregnancy. 5. When the earlier pregnancy is activated, you can choose Miscarriage/Terminated pregnancy again, but click “Delete pregnancy” this time. 6. Your earlier pregnancy will now be deleted. 7. You can now activate your current pregnancy again and the earlier one will be deleted.

How do I change the date for my First day of my last period?

If you want to change the date for First day of my last period, go to Settings > My pregnancy > Estimated due date.

Where can I find the PDF button to export my diary?

For iOS: To find the PDF button, go to Diary/Photos in the bottom menu > Diary. Next to the “New entry” button, you will also find “PDF”. For Android: The PDF button has been harder to find since the latest update. We’re working to change that! To find the PDF button, click Filter, choose Diary entry and then click Filter again to “show less”. The PDF button is “concealed” underneath.

Difference between pregnancy month and calendar month

It's commonly popular to describe pregnancy in terms of months. If someone asks you how far along you are, they're normally referring to calendar months. Calendar months provide an approximation, giving a good indication of the point you're at in your pregnancy. A calendar month can consist of 28, 30 or 31 days (not including leap years), so different organisations may count the dates in slightly different ways. We've generalised things a bit in this app and assumed that a calendar month is 30 days long. The first calendar month begins when you fall pregnant, which only happens in week 2+0. A pregnancy lasts approximately 9 calendar months. A pregnancy month is a more precise concept often used by medical professionals. A pregnancy month always consists of 28 days and begins in week 0+0. Therefore, a pregnancy consists of around nine calendar months but always 10 pregnancy months.

How are the trimesters divided?

Pregnancies are divided into three trimesters: - The first trimester begins in week 1 (0+0) and continues until the end of week 12 (12+6). - The second trimester begins in week 13 (13+0) and continues until the end of week 27 (27+6). - The third trimester extends from the beginning of week 28 (28+0) until the baby is born. How the trimester weeks are calculated may vary depending on where in the world you live.

How do I switch from pregnancy to baby?

If you both have a pregnancy and a child registered in the app, you can switch between baby and pregnancy by clicking PREGNANCY/BABY at the top of the app's homepage.

How do I add a child in the app?

If you have an ongoing pregnancy registered in the app and have given birth (Congratulations!), you can enter your baby's birthday. When you do so, your pregnancy will be summarized, and a baby profile will be created. You can also register children in the app. Go to Settings (the little wheel on the homepage) and select +ADD CHILD. If you have an ongoing pregnancy, the app will ask if you have given birth and want to summarize your pregnancy or if you want to add a sibling.

How do I change the name of my baby in the app?

To change the name of your baby in the app, go to Settings > My family. Then click Baby > Name.

How do I delete a child in the app?

To delete a child in the app, go to Settings > My family. Click then on the child you want to delete. If you have iOS, you will see a trash icon in the upper right corner. If you have an Android, the delete button is at the bottom.

How do I add my baby’s height?

Scroll the left number until you reach the correct height in cm. The right column is for mm.

Length and weight entries for the child

At the start of pregnancy, we measure the length of the baby from head to bottom. This is known as CRL, which stands for “Crown Rump Length”. After that, we switch to measuring the circumference of the baby’s head, BPD (biparietal diameter), and FL (femur length) so that we can monitor the baby’s growth and estimate his or her total length. Only in week 24+0 do ultrasound clinics and health care providers start to take an interest in the baby’s weight and measure it. The weights and lengths that we specify are estimates based on normal growth. Until week 20+0, it’s said that all babies develop to approximately the same extent in terms of weight and length. Our genetic predispositions start to kick in after week 20+0 – some babies are long, others are short, some are thin, others are chubby.

How do I change the units for length and weight in the weight chart?

To change the units in the weight and length chart, go to Settings > Country > Length/weight units.

I summarised the pregnancy by mistake. How do I activate it again?

You can reactivate the pregnancy in Settings > My pregnancy > Active pregnancy and also delete the child created in Settings > My family > Selecting the child and deleting it.

Why can't I change the date of my first weight entry?

The app will always ask for the first entry to be the weight before the pregnancy starts to be able to create the weight graph. That's why you can't change this specific date. Feel free to add the same weight twice, if you don't remember the weight for that date.

How do I see which week of pregnancy I am in on a specific date?

Our Calendar Tool can help with planning and keeping up with the pregnancy progression by showing the week of pregnancy you will be in on a specific date. You just need to click on the date you want to see the information for.

How do I delete my account?

To delete an account that you have created in the app, go to Settings > My profile > Delete account. A link will be sent to your email address in order to delete the account (this mail could end up in your spam folder). If you do not have an account created in the app, just delete the app since all content is only saved locally on your phone. When you delete the app, you also delete all content. Note that all information will be lost if you delete your account, and it cannot be recreated.

How do I stop sharing my account?

To stop sharing your account, go to Settings > Share account > Disconnect and Confirm.

How do I delete registered contractions from the contraction timer?

To delete registered contractions in the contraction time, just swipe left on the contraction you want to delete. The alternative “Delete” will appear.

I accidentally clicked on “Restore purchase”, what does that mean?

“Restore purchase” means that if you have in-app purchases, you will regain access to them after changing phones, for example. No new purchase is made.

I have signed up to Mumfulness but the videos still appear as locked.

If after signing up to the Mumfulness program you are still seeing the paywall, click on the “Restore Purchase” button under the plan options. This will update the purchases made in your app and unlock the videos.

The app is off by one day, what should I do?

If the app is off by one day it is probably due to the pregnancy length setting in the app. In some parts, the EDD is calculated as 40+0, while other parts use 39+6 (the most common alternative). The app's default setting is 39+6, but if you live in an area that uses 40+0 to calculate your EDD, you can adjust this under Settings > My pregnancy > Pregnancy length.

Who wrote the articles/texts in the app?

All medical texts were written by midwives, physicians and other experts.

About the app

Sweden has one of the best health care and an almost zero maternal death rate. Most people would be content with that, but we want more. We believe that knowledge is power, and that more knowledge increases the chance of a safe pregnancy and childbirth. Through Preglife, we aim to empower women and their partners by providing accurate, up-to-date information so that they can make the best choices for themselves and their families. It is toward this end that we created Preglife in the first place, and it is why the team shows up every day at the office where we devote ourselves to making this app the best it can be. When Preglife was first launched in Sweden back in 2010 we had no idea the impact it would have on Swedish society. We know now. Preglife is presently used by more than 90% of all mothers-to-be in Sweden and by roughly 75% of all mothers-to-be in Northern Europe. Now we are on a mission to empower the women and families living in the U.S. by sharing all the wonderful knowledge we have accumulated. Information provided in this app stems from the latest pregnancy and childbirth research and has been written by, or in collaboration with, health care professionals such as doctors, midwifes, and others. Ahead of the U.S. release, health care professionals working in the U.S. have modified the details for the U.S. market. This app is an initiative by founder Tobias Meschke.

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