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The mobile app Preglife (”Preglife”) is provided by Preglife AB (company organization number 556768-4278) (”we”, ”our”, ”us”). It is important for us to protect the personal integrity of our users and are therefore striving to maintain a standard as high as possible regarding the protection of personal data. For that reason, we undertake to always act in accordance with this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”). This Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data and how we use and protect it.

This Privacy Policy is a complement to our Terms of Service (the “Terms”). In the event of discrepancy between the Privacy Policy and the Terms, the Privacy Policy shall prevail.

If you want to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy or if you have any questions regarding our processing of personal data, you are welcome to send us an e-mail by using the e-mail address

1  About the data protection regulation

1.1  Regarding such data provided by a User (according to the definition below) which constitutes of personal data, we comply with the relevant data protection regulation. From the 25th of May 2018 such regulation is mainly the Gen-eral Data Protection Regulation and the Swedish Act (2018:218) with additional provisions to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. All personal data that is provided to us by Users within Preglife will be processed by us as the data controller.

1.2  If you provide us with the personal data of other people, such as their name or pictures of them, we recommend you to make sure that you have the consent of such person to provide the data in Preglife. Most often the data pro-tection regulation will not be applicable on such data but if that is the case, the User will be the controller of such data. 

2  About different users

2.1  You are welcome to use Preglife without being a registered User. If you do not register, information will be stored on your device only, which means that you may not access your account from any elsewhere. If you choose to register, an Account will be created for you and you will become a User. As a User you may access your Account from other devices and your information will be stored by us (as well as on such devices that you use when logging in).

2.2  Preglife is mainly intended to be used by pregnant people and by the people who are closely related to them who want to observe the pregnancy. Preglife makes no difference between different Users and we do not know if you are the pregnant person, a parent, a person who is closely related to the pregnant person or if that is someone else who is pregnant.

2.3  It is possible to register an Account (or to use Preglife without registering an Account) without observing a certain pregnancy. In such case, you choose the alternative “I am not pregnant and I don’t have children”. 

3  The personal data that we collect and why we do so

3.1  Information regarding the Account - If you want to register an Account, you must provide us with the following information:

  1. First name (this might be an alias)
  2. E-mail address
  3. Password

The data is used to enable secure logins to your Account and for us to be able to contact you regarding important information such as updated terms or the resetting of your password.

3.2  We also use your e-mail address to be able to send e-mail with relevant information which may contain targeted or general offers and other advertisement. All such e-mails will be provided with a link which you may follow and there-by be able to choose not to receive such advertisement e-mails.

3.3  You may also register your name, which could be either an alias or your real name, and you may change or erase it at any time. Please note, however, that this is not compulsory when registering. 

3.4  Estimated date of birth - If you want to observe a certain pregnancy, you must provide us with information about the estimated date of birth (or, alternatively, information about the first day of the most recent period combined with the menstrual circle of the pregnant person (the number of days), in such case the estimated date of birth will be calculated based on the information that you have provided). This information is used for such content in Preglife that relates to a certain week of the pregnancy that you observe.

3.5  Even though the purpose of Preglife is to observe a specific pregnancy, especially one’s own, this is not a require-ment of us. We will not prohibit the use of Preglife regarding fictive pregnancies, for instance for teaching us study purposes. For this reason, we will never investigate the correctness of the information that you provide.

3.6  Information about devices - Besides such information that you provide to us directly, we will collect information about your device (mobile phone, tablet etc.). Such information is for example

  • Information about the operating system and version
  • Language preferences
  • Display resolution

Such information is used by us to be technically able to provide Preglife but also to be able to adjust Preglife in ac-cordance with your settings.

3.7  If you accept it, Preglife may also obtain information from the device that you are using when accessing Preglife. Such information may for instance be information about your location and contacts, as well as your accounts in so-cial media, and the information is obtained in order to make available some of the functions in Preglife. You may re-fuse to the collection and use of such information at any time, but if you do so you might not be able to use such functions which is dependent on the current information being processed.

3.8  Information regarding usage - We will also use information about your usage of, and your behavioural when using, Preglife (such as information about how many times you have logged in, what you have been reading etc.) for the purpose of displaying content, offers and ads which are relevant to you.
Information about the date of birth of your child/children

3.9  When your pregnancy is over, you may add information about the actual date of birth. Such information together with the estimated date of birth is used to provide you with relevant information about the development of the child during the child’s two first years of life.

3.10  Preglife is intended to be used during the child’s first years of life and there if no relevant information in Preglife regarding the development of a child that has turned two. In other words, we will not provide you with any relevant information after this point of time, and our processing of your data will desist. However, you may save your data in Preglife if you want to. We recommend you to not do so without informing the child about it.

3.11  You may also add children that have already been born (thus, there is no requirement of the child being registered in Preglife before the date of birth).

3.12  Other information about you and your child/children - In Preglife, there are functions for uploading various types of information about your child, such as the child’s name, gender, information about the birth weight and length, information about vaccination, pictures and own notes.

3.13  You may also upload information about yourself, such as medical information regarding blood pressure and infor-mation to be shared on social media platforms.

3.14  You upload all such information in Preglife for your own sake only. We do not process such information for our own sake and will therefore not be the controller of such data.  You may always change or delete such information. 

4  Certain information about children’s date of birth and other personal data regarding children

4.1  We process the information about the date of birth of your child for you to be able to continuously observe the development of the child during the first years of the child’s life. From the date of birth your child has its own rights according to the data protection regulation.

4.2  The only information that we process about your child is the child’s date of birth. With the use of this information together with other information that you have uploaded in Preglife, it would, in many cases, probably be possible for us to identify your child. This results in us processing the personal data of your child.

4.3  We have no interest in identifying your child since you are the one who we provide Preglife for, and we will not either try to do so. As we do not require the identification of your child, certain rights of the child will be inapplicable as per article 11 of the GDPR.

4.4  All other information about your child is not, in legal terms, processed by us. Regardless of whether or not the personal data regulation is applicable on your processing of your child’s personal data or not, we kindly ask you to reflect on the personal integrity of your child and the child’s right to control his or her own personal data.

4.5  We recommend you to delete the personal data of your child from Preglife or discuss the matter with the child as soon as the child is old enough to understand these type of questions.

5  Lawfulness of the processing

5.1  According to the applicable law, we are obliged to inform you about the legal ground for our processing of your personal data. This is due to the fact that you have different rights depending on under what legal ground we lawful-ly process of your personal data. 

5.2  Information regarding the Account – The processing is necessary for the performance of the contract between you and us (in other words, providing Preglife in accordance with the Terms). 

5.3  Estimated date of birth – The processing occurs since you have given consent to it. To recall the consent, you may easily delete or alter the information when you’re logged in.

5.4  Information about devices – The processing is necessary for the performance of the contract between you and us (in other words, providing Preglife in accordance with the Terms).

5.5  Information regarding usage – The processing is necessary of the purposes of the legitimate interests of displaying relevant offers and ads for you.

5.6  Information about the date of birth of your child/children – The processing is necessary of the purposes of the legitimate interests of displaying relevant offers and ads for you. This information is also necessary for the per-formance of the contract between you and us (in other words, providing Preglife in accordance with the Terms).

6  Storage of personal data

6.1  The period of time when we store personal data is dependent on what legal ground we have for our processing. The personal data will be stored until the legal ground for the processing has ceased. Some data may be processed under several legal grounds and will be deleted when none of such legal grounds apply anymore.

6.2  We process such personal data of which the processing is necessary for the performance of the contract between you as us until you terminate your Account and demand erasure. If you do not specifically demand for erasure, the information regarding the Account and such content that you have uploaded yourself (which we are not the con-troller of) may be stored during up to 24 months for us to be able to restore your Account (the storage occurs to meet our legitimate interests of being able to restitute your Account on your demand).

6.3  When terminating your Account, you will be asked whether or not you want us to save your data.  If you answer yes, you agree to us saving your personal data. In such case, we will save them only for the purpose of you being able to access them (for instance, to show your child in the future) and will not use it for anything else.

6.4  The personal data that we process based on your consent, will be processed until you recall your consent. If you terminate your Account, the information will be stored in the same way as explained above about information re-garding the Account.

6.5  We will process information regarding usage as long as you use Preglife. You may disagree to such processing by sending an e-mail to When we have received such a request, we will decide whether the pro-cessing of the information shall discontinue. We will inform you about our decision and, if we decide to continue with our processing, explain the decision.

6.6  We will process information about the date of birth of your child/children until you delete such information in your Account. The child who the information relates to or the person who is legally responsible for the child has the right to disagree to such processing. When we have received such a request, we will decide whether or not the pro-cessing of the information shall discontinue. We may ask about your opinion regarding the matter before we make a decision. We will inform you (and the one who made the request) about our decision and explain the decision.

7  Collection of information from partners

7.1  In Preglife you may be requested to provide personal data to our partners. The providing of such information is completely optional and not necessary for the use of Preglife.

7.2  If you provide personal data to our partners through Preglife, please note that such partners are the controllers of the data. We recommend you to read the relevant privacy policies properly before providing any of your personal data.

8  Your rights

Briefly, you have the right to receive information about what personal data of yours we process, to make sure that this data is correct and to complain to us if you think that we do something wrong. 

8.1  More specifically, you have the following rights:

  • The right to, once a year without getting charged and otherwise against payment of the administrative costs, re-quest information about what personal data we control about you;
  • The right to demand any incorrect personal data is corrected, or to block such data during the time when we make sure whether or not such data is incorrect;
  • The right to have your personal data deleted upon termination of your Account – please note however that we do this this automatically, but you may request a confirmation that it has been done;
  • The right to demand that personal data is not used during the circumstances stated in Article 18 in the General Data Protection Regulation;
  • The right to “data portability”, thus the right to receive the personal data which you have provided to us in a “structured, commonly used and machine-readable format”; and
  • The right to file a complaint regarding our processing of your personal data – please note, however, that we, at first hand, recommend you to turn to us with any eventual complaints but you may also turn to the relevant authority for supervision (“Datainspektionen”, however in a change of name process). 

9  Security

9.1  We respect your personal identity and your interest of your and your child’s personal data being processed with outmost care. Therefore, we ensure high security standards and do the utmost to ensure high data security.

9.2  We will take all such measures that reasonably may be requested for the ensurance of your personal data being processed securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, the transmission of any information via the internet is never entirely secure. Any transmission is therefore at own risk. In the event of a security breach, Preglife Preglife will of course take action to remediate the issue as soon as possible. 

10  Sharing of personal data to third parties and processors

10.1  We will not, under any circumstances, sell or share any data in Preglife to any external party, except for if required by law.

10.2  Preglife Preglife uses external companies (”Processors”) for the processing of your personal data, for instance for the storage of data on servers. We only use serious and well-reputed operators which are able to ensure that your personal data is processed in a correctly. Such Processors may never process your personal data other than on our behalf and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

10.3  We will not use your e-mail address for any unsolicited e-mails or share your e-mail address to any third party. Any eventual e-mails sent by us will be in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Terms.

11  Aggregated information (not associated with a certain person)

11.1  We may share aggregated demographic information regarding Users of Preglife Preglife with third party organizations and our subcontractors, as well as with public authorities. Such information can not be used to identify a certain User. For instance, such information consists of statistics related to data traffic.

11.2  We may also share the aggregated data with third parties which create analyses on our behalf for the purpose of improving the services provided by us.

12  Links to third party websites

12.1  Preglife may contain links or references to third party websites where this Privacy Policy does not apply. If you follow such a link and thereby leave Preglife, please note that we are not responsible for the processing of data of such websites. We encourage you to always read the privacy policy of each website that you visit. 

13   Changes

13.1  We may, from time to time, change this Privacy Policy. All changes enter into force automatically 30 days after the publishing of them in Preglife. If we make such changes to the Privacy Policy as we deem as necessary in order to ful-fil our obligations in applicable law or as is required by a statement or decision of a public authority, the new Privacy Policy shall be effective immediately upon the publishing of it in Preglife.

14  Contact information

14.1  The easiest way of contacting us is by sending an e-mail to

14.2  If you want to send us a mail, you may do so by using the following address:

Preglife AB
Grev Turegatan 9 A 4 tr
114 46