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The application Preglife (”Preglife”) is run by the Swedish company Preglife AB (company reg. no. 556768-4278) (”we”, ”our”, ”us”, ”the Company”). We are committed to protect the privacy of our users and seek to uphold the best possible practice regarding protection of personal data. For this purpose we undertake to follow this privacy policy (the Privacy Policy”). In this Privacy Policy you will find information about how we process your Personal Data and how we protect it.

This Privacy Policy is a supplement to our terms of use (the Terms and Conditions”). In case of any discrepancy between the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

1   The Swedish personal data Act

1.1  We follow the Swedish Personal Data Act (sw. Personuppgiftslagen) (“PUL”) regarding all data supplied by Users that is considered to be Personal Data. All Personal Data given by Users to the Company within Preglife will be processed by the Company as a controller of personal data.

1.2  If you upload personal data about others, for example names and pictures of other people, you must get such persons’ approval and consent to upload that data to Preglife. Note that children cannot understand the meaning of such consent. If you upload personal data about children, you need the consent of all legal- or natural guardians.

2   About you Personal Data

2.1  In order to register an account, or to use Preglife without an account, you need to consent to the processing of such Personal Data about you and, in case you supply such data, your child/children in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy.

2.2  ”Personal Data” is, in this Privacy Policy, understood as all such information using which any person may be identified. Such information includes, but is not limited to, user name, IP-address, login information, email address and other information through which you may be identified directly or indirectly.

2.3  The overall purpose for processing your Personal Data is to make Preglife available to you. A more detailed description of the purpose of processing your Personal Data is provided below. By registering an account or otherwise providing Personal Data in Preglife you allow us to process such data for the purposes herein stated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2.4  Data concerning health, such as information about pregnancy and medical information, are considered sensitive data according to PUL. The processing of such information requires the explicit consent from the data subject. By By submitting such information you consent to the processing of that data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.. If you submit sensitive data about your child, it is important that you make sure that you are authorized to leave consent for you child. According Swedish law, all legal-/natural guardians’ consent is required to replace the consent of a child who is too young to leave such consent.

2.5  You may, at least once a year, request Personal Data that is being processed by us by contacting the Company in writing (see contacts below). You may freely at any time revoke an earlier consent to the processing of Personal Data. From such a recall may follow that you may not be able to use some or all the services provided through Preglife. Recall must be made in writing to the address provided below.

3   Different users

3.1  Preglife is designed to be used by those who either are, or recently have been, pregnant (“Pregnant User”) as well as by Users related to Pregnant Users (“Related Users”). Pregnant Users and Related Users are collectively referred to as Users.

3.2  Related Users may not supply any data about the person whose pregnancy the usage of Preglife is related to, regardless of whether such person is a User or not.

3.3  By leaving consent to the Related User to use Preglife, the Pregnant User also consents to the Related User’s providing Personal Data regarding the Pregnant user to Preglife to be processed by the Company within the scope of Preglife and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

3.4  Preglife is designed to allow for the Users to supply Personal Data regarding Pregnant Users’ children, such as name, birthday, sex, weight, length, table of vaccination, etc. Such information must not be supplied with the explicit consent of all natural- or legal guardians of the child in question.

4   Collected information

4.1  As a User, you can choose to use Preglife with or without a registered account. As a User you will be requested to leave information about yourself and your family when registering your account and when updating your profile. Most of the information if voluntary to provide, but some information is required to be able to register an account.

4.2  The following information is always collected

a. account information to enable downloading of the application from App Store or Google Play, of last menstruation,
c. other information that is necessary to create and maintain your account at Preglife and to provide Preglife’s services.

4.3   Other than account information we will not collect or process any Personal Data other than what you provide yourself. By providing such data in Preglife you leave your consent to the processing of such data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Such information may be e.g.:

a. blood pressure and other medical information relating to the Pregnant User,
b. weight and length etc. of the born child (please note that the consent of all guardians is required when providing Personal Data about born children in Preglife),
c. photos (please note that the consent of anyone depicted in a photograph is required when providing photographs in Preglife), and
d. user name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or other social media.

4.4  If you allow it, Preglife may collect certain information from the unit you are using Preglife on. Such information may include location, contacts and information about accounts on social media.

4.5  Your Personal Data is processed for the following purposes:

a. to make possible the use of Preglife and its functions,
b. to provide you with relevant offers from Preglife’s partners (please note, however, that such partners never will have access to your Personal Data),
c. to enable a secure login ,
d. to enable your creating a profile in accordance with the purpose and functionalities of Preglife,
e. to enable your sharing of information through social media, and
f. for the Company to be able to contact you in matters concerning changes to Preglife (such as technical improvements or other updates).

5   Partners’ collection of personal data

5.1  While using Preglife you may be prompted to state Personal Data to our Partners. Providing such information is voluntary and not required for using Preglife.

5.2  If you do provide our partners with Personal Data through Preglife, such partner will be the controller of that data. We recommend that you carefully read any applicable privacy policies before submitting any Personal Data.

6   Manage your personal data

6.1  As a User, you can always, at any time, add or change the data you have added to your account, as well as delete and remove such data. You can, by yourself, remove every single piece of information that you have left using Preglife. If you wish to remove your account completely, please contact us at the address provided below.

6.2  If any Personal Data is incorrect, you may request that we correct them.

6.3  Unless you specifically contact us with a request of deletion of your Personal Data, your Personal Data may be stored for up to 24 months following termination of your account for the purpose of restoring your account. Also, if you have not logged in to your account for 24 months, your account and all data associated with it will be deleted following at most 24 months after your latest login date.

6.4  If you want Personal Data regarding you to be deleted immediately when terminating your account, or if you’re experiencing trouble terminating your account, please contact us at the address provided below.

7   Security

7.1  We are keen to protect your and your children’s privacy and to make sure that your Personal Data is treated with utmost care. We apply high security standards and make our best effort so ensure a high level of information security.

7.2  We will take all reasonable measure that may be necessary to ensure that your Personal Data is processed safely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. No system operating online can, however, be completely secure. Transfer of data is thus made at your own risk. Of course, in case of a security breach, we will act as soon as possible to handle the matter.

8   sharing of personal data with third party and data processors

8.1  We will never, under any circumstances, sell or otherwise share your Personal Data provided in Preglife to any third party, unless required by law.

8.2  Preglife uses contractors (“Data Processors”) for processing your Personal Data, e.g. data storage on external servers. We only collaborate with serious and reputable companies who may ensure that your Personal Data is treated correctly. Such Data Processors are never allowed to treat your Personal Data other than in accordance with our instructions and this Privacy Policy.

8.3  We will not use your email address for sending unwanted emails, nor share your email address with anyone. Any emails sent from Preglife will be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy. If other emails, such as commercial emails, are planned you will receive information on beforehand with the option to opt out.

9   Aggregate information (not attributable to a certain person)

9.1  The Company may share aggregate demographic information concerning Preglife’s Users with third party companies and organizations and authorities. Such information cannot be used to identify certain Users. Such information may be e.g. traffic related statistics.

9.2  The Company may also share such aggregate information with third parties performing analyses for the Company, with the purpose of improving the provided services.

10   Links to third-party websites

10.1  Preglife may contain links or references to other websites where this Privacy Policy does not apply. We are not responsible for any processing of your Personal Data by such third parties. We recommend you to carefully read the privacy policies of the websites you visit.

11   cookies

11.1  We use cookies for the sole purpose of enabling improved functionality and to collect statistics about the usage of Preglife. You may turn off cookies in your unit, this may, however, cause trouble using Preglife.

12   Changes in the privacy policy

12.1  The Company may, from time to another, make changes to the Privacy Policy. All such changes are automatically in force thirty (30) days following their publication in the Preglife. If we make changes that are deemed necessary to comply with legislation or a decision from a public authority, such changes shall be in force as soon as they are published in Preglife.

13   Language versions

13.1      This Privacy Policy has been executed in Swedish and English. In case of any discrepancy, the Swedish version of the Privacy Policy shall prevail, unless otherwise expressly or obviously intended.

14   The right to lodge complaints and dispute resolution

14.1  If you believe or feel that your legal rights concerning the protection of your Personal Data, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant authority (in Sweden: Datainspektionen).

14.2  Unless otherwise stipulated by law, any dispute relating to this Privacy Policy shall be finally determined by the District Court of Stockholm with the application of Swedish law.

15   Contact information

15.1  The easiest way to contact the Company is via email:

15.2  If you want to send a letter, the postal address of the Company is:

Preglife AB
Grev Turegatan 9 A 4 tr
SE - 114 46
Stockholm - Sweden