The child

The child

Your baby is ready to be born but seems to content to stay in the belly. Baby is getting ready to be born into the world and putting on weight. It’s important that the mother-to-be feels the baby moving every day as is usual. If your baby’s movement pattern changes, speak with your health care provider. Trust your instincts.
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A week has passed since your estimated due date and the wait might feel endless. Will I ever meet this little one? OF COURSE! Just like last time, your baby will be here soon. It’s perfectly natural to feel resigned, agitated and restless when you are overdue.

You could be feeling irritated with your older children who can tell that something is happening and may become clingier than usual. Try to take it easy. Be kind to yourself if you have difficulty keeping your sense of humor. It takes a lot of physical and mental strength to wait for labor to start. Remind yourself that your baby will be here soon.

If you need to be induced, it will be done at the birth center/hospital around week 41+0 – 42+0. This differs a little depending on your healthcare provider, and how you and your baby are feeling. If you reach week 42+0 your pregnancy is considered to be overdue and you have most likely been induced.

Your near and dear ones can become a handful when they, out of curiosity but also concern, get in touch a little too often. If you feel stressed by people calling and texting to ask “has your baby arrived yet?”, then you can send a mass text message telling everyone that you promise to reach out once the baby is born.

You might find that a nice dinner with friends or your partner, if you have one, livens the mood. Laughter is good for you. It releases feel-good hormones that make you calm and happy.

If you’re up to it, treat yourself to a pregnancy massage, a nice walk or a good book.

Remember! You’ll soon be meeting this little one , holding him or her skin-to-skin at your breast, enjoying that newborn baby smell and marveling at how you’ve just become the mother of the world’s finest baby.

Always call your birth center/healthcare provider if:

  • Your baby is moving less or has stopped moving completely
  • You have three contractions in 10 minutes
  • Your water breaks
  • You are bleeding
  • You have strong, constant headaches
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A good way to pass the time is to write a letter to your unborn baby about what kind of parent you’d like to be. Don’t forget to cheer yourself up before the birth. You’ll provide invaluable support just by being yourself and being there for your partner. Go you!

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