The child

The child

Your baby measures about 1.5 inches (4 cm) from crown to rump. Your baby looks more and more like a tiny human—the head becomes rounder, the skeleton hardens, and the fingers and toes have divided. The baby is moving more and more in your uterus and can smile, wrinkle her brow and suck her thumb.

Your baby can now swallow amniotic fluid.

The digestive system is able to process sugar (glucose) and the umbilical cord transports nutrients and waste products between the placenta and the baby. Everything the mother eats and drinks passes to the baby via the placenta.

Pregnancy Week 12 baby Beige


Many women find that their nausea subsides at around this time. Most mothers-to-be have now put on between 2.2 and 11 pounds (1 to 5 kilos), but if you’ve experienced a lot of nausea and vomiting you may actually have lost weight. This is normally nothing to worry about—weigh yourself when you visit your health care provider and discuss any concerns you may have.

Your skin could look smoother and more beautiful thanks to the increase in blood volume and the oxytocin hormone. Many women also find that their hair changes during pregnancy—it feels thicker and shinier, or it is harder to style.

While there are no current restrictions on dyeing your hair if you’re pregnant, it cannot be ruled out that chemicals are absorbed through the skin of your scalp and affect the pregnancy or your baby. Your pregnancy hormones can also cause your hair to react differently to the dye, so the results may not be what you were expecting.

Pregnancy week 12 Mother Beige


Pregnancy is all about change. Physical change, obviously, but also mental change regarding thoughts and emotions, and most likely changes to your everyday life and relationship. You and your pregnant partner might recognize the various phases:

Weeks 3–5: The time when you slowly realize that her period is late and you’re going to have a baby.

Weeks 6–11: The mother-to-be often feels ill, with nausea and aching breasts.

Weeks 12–27: The golden period when you’ve reached the halfway mark.

Weeks 28–39: The last few weeks, the mother-to-be’s belly is enormous. A mixture of emotions and anticipation of meeting your baby for the first time.   

Why not keep a diary during the pregnancy to chart your experiences? You’ll find it interesting to read later and recall all the things that happened. To do so directly in the app, click on Diary/Images on start screen.

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