Weronica Roksvåg

Registered Nurse Midwife


I’m from Sweden but have been living in Oslo - the capital of Norway - since 2001. I'm a midwife since 1998 and have worked in different delivery clinics since then. In 2017 I started a full time study in NTNU in Trondheim to become a midwife with fetal ultrasound diagnostics.

Today I work in Oslo. Both in Specialist health care with Fetal diagnostics and in a privat clinic at @famklinikk.no in Oslo. I really love my work as a midwife, and love working with women's healthcare.


Still, even though I've been working as a midwife for more than 23 years, I am amazed at the female body and what it is capable of achieving. For me it's important to meet women where they are in their concerns and try to guide and support them through the most vulnerable and also most exciting time. And also give, both the pregnant and her partner, information they need to make the right decisions during this time of life. I'm passionate about strengthening women's own choices over their bodies. I live in Norway and here it's obvious, but this is not the case in other countries around the world.