Nora Rönningen

Nora Rönningen

Registered Nurse Midwife


I'm a Norwegian midwife working in Skåne, where I've studied at Lund University and currently work clinically at the maternity ward in Lund. My interest in working as a midwife came when I studied sexology and met a lot of inspiring midwives telling me about everything they got to experience through their job, and how many different things we can work with as midwives. So this decision was quite easy, I had to continue my studies to become midwife. That's what I did, and when 2023 started I was finished with my studies and was ready to start my new chapter with the world's best profession.


I think it's so exciting to be so close to a couple and follow them through the biggest event in their lives. To be the one to guide them through this feels so amazingly big every single time. I'm really passionate about having the woman feel like she's owning her own birth, the choices that have to be made throughout the journey and the experience of it afterwards.