Mitra Mansouri Davis

Mitra Mansouri Davis

Certified Nurse Midwife


I have been a Certified Nurse Midwife since 1998 & childbirth educator since 2004. I have my Master's Degree in Nursing and speciality in Midwifery. I feel blessed to have worked with so many wonderful families. I continue my passion to empower women in their health decision-making, during their reproductive life span and beyond.

I provide both obstetrical and gynecological care for women in a private practice and deliver in one of the busiest hospitals in the United States. I also take care of many high risk pregnancies in collaboration with physicians in my practice as well providing first assist in cesarean birth.

Throughout my career, I have trained many student nurse midwives as adjunct faculty for various universities. After years of teaching childbirth education, I have cofounded a company called Ask A Nurse Midwife where we teach state of the art prenatal classes virtually & provide pregnancy support.

I am also a stem cell educator and provide public speaking on stem cell & cord blood banking.

I was born in Tehran, Iran, where I completed primary school before moving to the USA as a teenager. I am fluent in Farsi.


Being a midwife for over 20 years, I have grown a lot as a mom, a woman, and a midwife. I have participated in over 6000 deliveries, but I still have the utmost appreciation for the preciousness and individuality of the experience. The joy of watching these mothers, fathers, and families being born every day is the best part of my job.

My vision is to transform birth from unknown and scary to normal, manageable, and joyful.

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