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Märta Cullhed Engblom

Midwife and doula
Registered Nurse Midwife and doula


I'm a midwife with 10 years of experience. I have worked in several different delivery clinics in Sweden (Akademiska Uppsala, BB Stockholm, Södersjukhuset) and been attending home births.

I'm also a doula, which gives me the opportunity to get even closer to the soon-to-be parents and to help them from another point of view.

Since 2016 I'm running the blog Föda med stöd and I have also written a book, Föda barn med stöd, Maximera din chans till en trygg förlossning (2020).


I am very passionate about birth support and want to help women and their partners by empowering them before labour. I hold birth preparation classes on a regular basis.

Every woman deserves to feel prepared, safe and empowered during birth.

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