Maja Åström

Maja Åström

Physiotherapist & MediYoga therapist


I’m a licensed physiotherapist and medical yoga therapist with more than 25 years of experience working with patients within physical and mental health. My focus as a physiotherapist was early on in psychosomatics and stress-related conditions. I’ve worked at various clinics with specialist care for exhaustion, stress and pain. I’ve been practising yoga for most of my life, which also has become a big part of my work with people. Now I have my own business where I teach pregnancy yoga, mother-baby yoga, medical yoga, yin yoga and mindfulness, among other things.


Women's health and maternity care is a great interest of mine and have become a natural part of my daily work. Being able to help women find inner peace, their inner strength and to trust their bodies via yoga and increased body awareness are fantastic tools and I’m happy to spread this knowledge further.