Laura Bridle

Registered Nurse Midwife


I originally trained and worked as an obstetric and public health nurse in Canada before returning to the UK to train and work as a midwife. I qualified as a midwife in 2011. I spent 5 years working as a caseload midwife, supporting the woman/birthing person from first booking to 28 days postnatal. I supported birth both at home and in the hospital. I then worked abroad with Medecins Sans Frontieres in South Sudan as a midwife manager for 9 months and where part of my heart remains.

I returned to London, UK, where I work as a specialist midwife in mental illness and public health. I am a qualified aquanatal teacher and have an MSc in Advanced Midwifery Practice. Every birth is a miracle to me to this day and I love my job.


My passion is for equality. I want to see improved care for Black and Brown women in the UK. I want to ensure that all women/birthing people are treated with respect and kindness. The importance of listening to women, so they know they feel heard, can make informed choices and feel safe. I want women to know it's ok to not be ok. To know where to access support and the courage that takes to ask for it. I want every baby to have the best start in life.