Kathrine Bagger

Registered Nurse Midwife


I've got my midwifery degree in the summer of 2020, so I'm a relatively new midwife. During my time as a student I've had my placements in smaller hospitals where I've gained much experience within the uncomplicated birthing process.

Since I've got my degree I've been working on the delivery ward in Odense, Denmark which is a teaching hospital, and therefore I've met many women with different complications in their pregnancy and labour. So despite me being in the field of midwifery for a short time, I've gathered many different experiences and much knowledge from the different hospitals.


My passion, and something I feel strongly about is giving women a good experience and the feeling of being seen and heard. One of the key components in this is informed consent, which I feel very strongly about. In addition to this I also strive to give the women the best possible treatment, and to adapt all of our guidelines and recommendations to the individual woman.