Imma 4

Inmaculda Sarries Zgonc

Registered Nurse Midwife


I am a self-employed midwife, trained in the UK. I work exclusively accompanying families at home during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. I studied nursing in Barcelona and midwifery in the UK. Founding member and member of ALPACC, Associació de Llevadores de part a casa de Catalunya (Catalonia Home birth midwives’ association). Organiser and teacher of Obstetric Emergencies sessions in out-hospital settings for birth professionals within the same association. Co-Author of the 2018 Guideline for Home birth assistance, published by ACL and ALPACC. Teacher in Homebirth course for midwives, from 2016 to 2020.

I am a member of DONA LLUM, a women’s association working for respected birth, where I collaborate offering informative talks and reviewing medical records after traumatic births. Co-founder in 2018 of the Scientific Platform for optimal umbilical cord clamping. I am the mother of a daughter and a son, both born at home and breast fed for 4 and 5 years.


I knew I was going to be a midwife when I delivered my daughter on my own bed with the help of a great midwife. In that very moment I felt I needed to share that beautiful experience with other women, and help them have good experiences too!

Every woman should have the opportunity to go through motherhood feeling empowered. And this is what I mostly enjoy of my job: being next to women and watch their transformation into grown up women/mothers, strong and empowered... the process in itself is fascinating.