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Gudrun Abascal

Registered Nurse Midwife and author


During my 40 years as a midwife I have always been striving to improve maternity care throughout Sweden. I have worked to give parents-to-be the best possible start to parenthood through my work as a midwife but also as the author of several books.

I am the author of the books Att Föda and Att möta förlossningssmärta. I am also the co-author of A Child Is Born as well as Vattnet går together with Nina Campioni. In all of these books I try my best to share my experiences and knowledge about birth and everything in relation to it.

I have great confidence in that the woman is the one best suited to give birth and us midwives are here to assist. Our task is to appeal to the inner power that all women possess and not let worry and fear into the room.

In 2006 I was awarded the S:t Eriksmedaljen by Stockholms Stad, which is awarded to citizens of Stockholm who have done something extraordinary through their work or efforts. And in 2015 I was awarded the honorary award by Svenska Barnmorskeförbundet (Swedish Midwifery Association) with the following motivation: Gudrun has through her work contributed to change and improve the healthcare for pregnant and birth giving women in Sweden.

Two awards I am very proud of!