Erik Borgström

Erik Borgström

Pediatrician/Senior Consultant in Neonatology
Registered Pediatrician


I studied at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and got hooked on paediatric medicine early on. Soon after, I realised I wanted to work around newborns. The job in a neonatal unit is very varied. One moment it's about giving the best conditions to a very premature baby who doesn't even weigh a kilo or know how to cope with a life outside the womb. In the next moment it’s about meeting full-grown, healthy babies at the maternity ward with parents who anxiously wonder what they've gotten themselves into and whether their newly arrived nugget is healthy and well.


It has always been, and will continue to be, fun and important to work together with Preglife to reach parents and give them knowledge and security in their parenting.

It is a balance to be calm and knowledgeable as a paediatrician but at the same time realise how tricky, challenging and life-changing it is to be a parent. One has to appreciate what an unimaginable source of the most well-intentioned but equally insanity-inducing anxiety the little ones can be.

Together with Preglife I want to make sure that there is relevant and well-founded information about foetuses, newborns and young children in places where you look for that information specifically.