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Elisabeth Hjärtmyr

Midwife and lactation specialist
Registered Nurse Midwife and lactation specialist


I am a midwife with 31 years of experience. I have worked with childbirth, maternity care, child health care and for the last 20 years worked at different breastfeeding specialist clinics to support women with pregnancy, postpartum care and parenthood.

I lecture to healthcare professionals in Sweden and for expectant parents. I have been the owner of “Amningsspecialisten” for many years. I also teach about breastfeeding, parenting and the newborn child for healthcare students at three universities in Sweden.

I am the founder of "Amningswebben", and the author and creator of the texts and movies which is now known as The Breastfeeding Guide in Preglife. I provide support for women who are breastfeeding and women with breastfeeding complications.

I like to promote, protect and support breastfeeding to those mothers who want to breastfeed. To provide support in breastfeeding and parenting and provide individual support and knowledge.