Blanche Graesslin

Blanche Graesslin

Registered Nurse Midwife


I have been working for 15 years in delivery suites in Paris, London, Toulouse and Reims. Since 2008, I have been regularly teaching midwives and doctors about CTG monitoring during labour with a patho-physiological approach. I really love this experience. It is a good opportunity to meet other teams and share experiences about quality and safety of birth.


I like to support women in this special time of pregnancy and childbirth. I realise the importance of this time of exchange with patients in the delivery room. They trust us and that is why I like to train doctors and midwives in CTG interpretation.

We must be worthy of this trust and therefore we must train constantly and follow the latest recommendations based on scientific evidence. By going through this application, patients understand our actions and decisions, in this they participate fully.