Anja profil 2022

Anja Lundström

Registered Nurse Midwife


I've been a midwife for the past 25 years since I graduated as a nurse midwife (RNM) from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. My experience has mainly centred on delivery in different contexts but also in sexual and reproductive health. Preparation, education and empowerment for becoming parents are my passion and a true privilege to work with. I have worked for a couple of years in different neonatal intensive care units (NICU) giving me invaluable knowledge around premature babies and meeting families in crisis.

I'm currently a board member of The Swedish Midwifery Association. I've been working with mentorship and the introduction of new midwives and nurses for the past decade.


I'm passionate about midwifery and the opportunity to make a profound impact in people’s lives. Knowledge, empowerment and support are key factors for families during their journey. I love to see when the skin-to-skin contact helps to develop a bond with the newborn child and lays the foundation to create a strong relationship. I'm passionate about supporting parents to get to know their newborn’s personalities and the transition into becoming a family. The best thing about being a midwife is that it's not just something you work with - it's something you ARE.