Fetal movements 900x600

Week 25

From week 25 onwards, it is normally said that you should feel your baby move daily. This is of course varies for different babies, pregnancies and women. It is possible you have an active life and do not have time to stop and feel during the day. Then it is usually easier to feel movements in the evening when you lie down and relax. It is also possible you have a child who is more active at certain times of the day.

Many people experience that babies move the most in the evening and late afternoon - which may be true - but it is probably also about you being more attentive on these occasions. Your baby actually moves often without you even noticing. The babies movements are not just kicks, but a movement is also when the baby swallows, practices breathing, reflexes, and small movements of its hands or feet. If you are not sure that you felt your baby move during the day, take a moment when you lie down and feel for it. It is usually easier to feel movements when you are lying on your left side. If you do not feel your baby moving or you are experiencing anxiety, you can contact the clinic you plan to give birth at to seek advice and help.


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