The second trimester

(From week 14 to week 26 + 6)

The second trimester will last from the first day of week 14 to the last day of week 27.

From week 14, the hormone relaxin is secreted, this affects the joints in the pelvis, thus, making them more mobile. This can be painful for some women. From week 16 you could also experience uterus contractions and tension, this is known as braxton-hicks contractions and is a way for the uterus to train in preparation of birth.

Around week 20, you will typically feel the first movements, this can be a milestone for many. However, there are some women that continue to struggle with nausea and fatigue, which is also normal. Other symptoms that may appear in the second trimester are; back pain, leg cramps and braxton-hicks contractions.

During the second trimester, the fetus goes through a growth phase. By this point the fetus will grow in length and begin to have the same proportions as a newborn. During the latter part of the second trimester, the fetus gains more subcutaneous fat and from week 22, the fetus is considered a child.

Many women, but far from all, experience the second trimester as the most comfortable - the first and most pronounced symptoms (such as nausea and fatigue) may have subsided and you feel well again. At this time, an ultrasound has been carried out, where you will see for the first time that there really is someone in there. The realization that your baby has formed and you are about to become a parent begins to sink in.