Vi har valt att samarbeta med experter som har en omfattande erfarenhet för att du ska få så relevant och faktabaserad information som möjligt under din graviditet, efter födseln och de första 2 åren med ditt barn.

Lots of expectant mothers feel a tiredness that has nothing to do with lack of sleep. It’s often worst at the beginning of the pregnancy when the hormonal changes are the most evident. You might need to plan a few breaks during the day in order to make it through the day and work during this period.

For some women, fatigue combined with nausea is very troublesome. It may comfort you to know that the worst fatigue is usually followed by a more energetic period in the second trimester. Towards the end of the pregnancy, tiredness is due to the extra weight from the womb and you may have problems sleeping. As your belly grows, it can be a challenge to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Iron deficiency (anemia) can also cause tiredness. Consult with your health care provider about taking iron supplements.


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