Vi har valt att samarbeta med experter som har en omfattande erfarenhet för att du ska få så relevant och faktabaserad information som möjligt under din graviditet, efter födseln och de första 2 åren med ditt barn.

Is a bacterial infection that can be contracted from ticks. The tick must bite you in order to transmit the disease. Removing a tick as soon as you can (within one to two days) reduces the risk of infection. If you live in an area that has ticks, make it a habit to check your body and clothes every day. The symptoms are the same, whether you are pregnant or not. The first sign is typically a red, round-shaped rash around where the tick bit you. It usually appears between 7 and 14 days after the bite. Studies indicate there is a very slim risk that your baby will be infected if you receive the right antibiotics.

Contact your healthcare provider if you suspect you have borrelia.