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List: 5 important things to remember as a parent



Vi har valt att samarbeta med experter som har en omfattande erfarenhet för att du ska få så relevant och faktabaserad information som möjligt under din graviditet, efter födseln och de första 2 åren med ditt barn.

Children are not little adults and parents should remember this when considering their home environment. Your child is much more sensitive and vulnerable than you are. Here’s why:

1. Weaker immune system

Because children’s immune systems are not fully developed, they are more affected by their environment (such as irritated and red skin, eczema, rashes, colds, etc.).

2. Higher breathing rate

Children breathe more times per minute than adults do. This means that they are more exposed to hazardous substances and they absorb more air particles. Paint, cleaning products as well as scents like perfumes and creams—any of these may affect your child.

3. Less experience

Children lack the ability to assess risks, and therefore are unable to realize the risks and dangers they may be exposed to at home. These include small items that could cause choking if swallowed, and narrow spaces or openings where they can get stuck.

Children are curious little beings who want to explore and learn new things. They may use products in ways never imagined by adults.

4. Thinner skin

Children’s skin is thinner than adult skin, which means that they absorb chemicals through their skin more easily. They also have more skin contact with various surfaces as they crawl around and lie down a lot.

5. More body fat

Children have more body fat than adults. Chemicals dissolve in fat, which means that children’s fat tissue can absorb and retain dangerous chemicals.